About Me

Hi, I’m Cat

One of these days, I’ll explain more than that.

For now, this About Page exists just so that I can test whether the button works. So really, all you’ve learned about me is that I don’t know how to build a website, and that I’ve chosen not to put these pages on draft mode because now you get to see me struggling.

yerp. that’s me

Stuff I do

um. mostly art, really


I really love the process of laying down the foundations of a story, the bare minimum required to convey what’s happening without all the hassle of drawing backgrounds or picking colours.


This one’s a little trickier; there’s an art to bringing things to life– an art I intend to master. It’s a much slower process than storyboarding, but oftentimes the end result is much more satisfying


I’m a storyteller at heart, and sometimes when art is too slow, I return to my roots and write instead. I’m currently in the process of writing a book, you can follow the process right here on the website 🙂

Why Me

This is a question I ask myself every day. Why me? Why couldn’t someone else have ended up in whatever precarious niche problem I’ve managed to spin myself into? I have no answer to this question that I can offer you, so instead I have a neat little percentage bar to the right here that tells you a bit of what you’ll find if you should choose to stick around. And who knows, it might even give some insight as to why it’s ME that’s always out of food wheneven I’m hungriest. Like seriously, what’s up with that? Doing groceries is hard.





OCs (original characters)


have i mentioned robots?


chaos incarnate




Our team

I mean I don’t really have a “team”– I do all this chaos myself, it’s all authentic genuine CatBolt Madness. But uhh… if you’re looking for more cool people to check out, I can give you a hand for sure.

close friends <3

Tommy MacLeod

Professional inspiration source & co-author

Lex / Blue Shampain

Disney nerd and supreme overlord of colour theory

Mona / Artinandwritin

HTTYD-expert with the most huggable OCs in the world

Nico / Starccifer

YELLOW AND PURPLE and the most stylish lines I know

cool people that inspire me


half of what inspired me to animate


i aspire to render like this one day


the other half of what inspired me to animate

taylor swift

there’s more artists but i had to for the memes